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Originally Posted by Eveningsong View Post
^will it have affordable units?
With 11 units, and construction costs the way they are, I doubt it, unless the only affordable unit is some illegal basement apartment. If people want affordable housing, well some at least, move to the Brooklyn and Queens waterfront. They are building and in the process of developing 1000's of units. I was reading last night, that there are 8000 apartments and 5700 apartments UC in Queens/Brooklyn and Manhattan, as of this moment. That does not even include the ones in the pipeline. The city is looking to add triple that amount by this years end. The way developments are going, I could be wrong, it might be much higher. Multiple midrises, and high rises are proposed every day. And... those are just the ones I find out about. I'm probably missing a crap load more. I have a good memory so every project here is not a duplicate. What we have since I started this are 6 pages of midrises mostly, and very little lowrises. Plus, the 1st page contains posts that are very long that include a dozen or more projects each. It has to be well over 200 midrises in the pipeline right now, averaging 6-12 stories each from the date that I started it. Again, I'm probably missing a lot more in this compilation. In terms of 13 stories or greater, they too are coming in the droves. The 6600+ highrise figure of NYC will be much higher by 2015/16 when a lot of these projects will finish. Adding the supertalls, 2020 will see the figure rise dramatically.

The census will be interesting in the next couple of years. The city is adding so many residents.

When I have time, I plan to do a similar thread, but for all of Florida. We seem to forget that Florida is up there with NY state for the most highrises and skyscrapers along with mid rises and I can tell you right now, Florida is adding 100's of high rises along with buildings in the 6-12 story range and 13 stories or greater.

Also, if anybody knows about certain developments, feel free to add. Just follow the format on the first page for sake of neatness please as it helps other members learn about projects and thus for organization.

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