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Clark’s Continued Growth In Tourism Brings Hotel Investment Opportunities
Release Date: 2013-01-14
Clark International Airport (CRK) announced 71% increase in the number of passengers arriving at Clark for 2012 that results to increased accommodation demand.

CLARK, FREEPORT, Pampanga, Jan. 15, 2013— Clark International Airport (CRK) announced a large increase in the number of passengers arriving at Clark for 2012. This increase boosted tourism and accommodation demand in Clark this 2012 and the growth is seen to carry on to 2013 and beyond.

Clark International Airport recorded a 71% increase in passenger traffic or a total of 1.3 million passenger arrivals for both international and domestic flights in 2012—higher than the 767,000 recorded passengers in 2011. International passengers alone numbered 1,013,100 or a 77%increase over 2012; whilst domestic passenger traffic grew 613% to 299,883. This passenger growth is expected to be sustained this 2013.

As Clark’s tourism growth increases demand for hotel accommodation will also rise and pressure on the local international and domestic tourist hotels for rooms is already being seen with weekends and holidays being sold out to capacity.

Condo and hotel room property investments enable investors to own a room or suite property within a high-end hotel. This room or suite then generates revenue for the investor with check-ins and rentals. This type of investment has become popular with Clark and Angeles City investors as it has the opportunity to give high returns and steady income due to the continued growth in tourism and the high occupation rates of quality hotels in the area. Upmarket hotels such as the Grandview Tower Hotel provides the primary investment advantage as they possess strategic locations, excellent reputations and flexible financial service.

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