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Originally Posted by so-cal-bear View Post
Been following this awesome community for over a year! I've been a lurker all this time. There have been countless of times where I wanted to say something, but I never bothered to sign up.

I started reading this entire thread months ago and just finished page 209! that was the thing that made me say, OK sign up!

I lived around West Adams from the mid 70's to 2005 and now I'm in the Valley. I have seen tons of great pictures here! I'm also a huge fan of before and after photos as well as old maps. User, Los Angeles Past can tell you since I'm lucky enough to know him personally. OK! I don't want to overstay my intro.

As for the Hotel Christie/Hollywood Inn/Scientology building. I knew it from the first picture, it looked very familliar. It's the current Scientology *ahem/cult* building in Hollywood. It looks like this now.
Photo credit goes to Flickr user Pelleb. So, there it goes. My first post!

Welcome to 'noirish los angeles' so-cal-bear
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