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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
The Bonaventure Hotel under construction in 1977.

"Above Los Angeles"

I would love to see how these so called 'plazas' have evolved over the years.
The 'plaza' on the left appears to be the roof of a parking garage.
I wonder if a pedestrian bridge was eventually built to connect it to the Bonaventure Hotel.

This is a good example of the banality that replaced downtown Los Angeles' vibrant street life.
this is the best that i can do with bing maps

as you can see, there is most certainly a bridge connecting the bonaventure. it's also quite a bit more crowded, (it almost makes the image you posted rather pastoral).

here's a somewhat similar view from 1967, (the castle and the salt box are still intact).

Source: LAPL
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