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so last night, i sit back with mrs. gsjansen to watch the john huston noir classic, the asphalt jungle. a movie she had never seen, and it's been years since i last watched it.

needless to say, watching any noir flick directed by the master of the genre, mr. huston, starring sterling hayden, louis calhern, james whitmore, and young fetching marilyn monroe is a great way to spend an evening!

anyway, this picture is supposed to take place in Cincinnati, and most of the location filming appears to have been done in this ohio town.

However, during the opening scene, just after the credits, there is this scene

i then proceeded to drive the missus up the wall, as i rewind, replay, rewind, replay, rewind..............................(you get the point)

dayum! i yell, (and i did), it's 1st street looking east from between olive and grand! there's the streeter apartments, with the cecil across the street, and there's no mistaking that bulk off in the distance at 1st and spring. that's the times building i exclaim!..................................(mrs. gsjansen says.........."can we get back to watching the movie now?").

obviously, i pay very close attention to all on location shots throughout the rest of the film, and no, this one image that i posted above, is the sole bunker hill image, (there is an image of some gasometers, but i have no idea of knowing if they are Angeleno, or Cincinnatian gas tanks).

i guess they needed a last minute pickup shot during editing, and huston said, let's get a 2nd crew up there on bunker hill and get the shot we need!

you can view the opening scene here at turner classic movies
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