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some more interesting items uncovered over at the lapl california index

a very nice color advertisement from 1941 of the mayflower hotel, (shown above in my current now then's)

GW had posted a little while ago about the nikabob cafe. here's a magazine advertisement from 1941

found a great newspaper image, showing a photo of the paris inn on market street from 1941

and speaking of the paris inn, there's this very colorful magazine cover for tips to southern California February 1941

and if the burning question of what was playing in los angeles movie theaters the week of february 8th to the 15th, 1940 was keepin' ya up at night......well here ya go................(now go get some sleep)

and just in case you can't get some sleep, you can always party the 1940 night away at these establishments

they even list our ol' roundup, the bamba club, (on north spring street despite published rumors of n. main)
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