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Originally Posted by Johnny Socko View Post
The most impressive residence I've seen around here is Edward Doheny's Greystone Mansion (and even then, I only saw it from the street below). In fact, it's so vast that I'm having trouble finding contemporary photographs that properly impart the scale of this place:

LAPL (not dated)


It's in Beverly Hills, so it's not technically L.A., but it's still a hell of a building. The Tudor architecture belies the fact that it was completed (relatively) recently, in 1928.

Of course, Greystone had its own "noir" part to play in local history: In 1929, 36-year-old Edward "Ned" Doheny, Jr., married father of five, was the victim of a murder-suicide committed by his personal secretary (and suspected lover) Theodore Plunkett. Below is an illustration of the event overlaid on a crime scene photo:


Below: Greystone Mansion today

Somewhere in my garage (don't anyone hold their breath) I have photos of the inside of the the Greystone Mansion. The grounds are open to the public, the interior is not. In 1992, my friends and I slept there on a dare (they worked for the City of Beverly Hills and had the keys) and it was a long, spooky and extremely dark night. There are passageways between the walls of each room with peepholes everywhere (strange), there is an old hidden bar and an old 2 lane bowling alley. The movie "There Will Be Blood" ends in that same bowling alley. The bathrooms are beautifully tiled floor to ceiling with built-in scales. It is a beautiful and very creepy house.
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