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Still more William Castle

Castle's 1961 Homicidal is said to have been made either in homage to Psycho, made the year before, or in competition with Hitchcock (it even has a cross-dressing aspect). Homicidal has some good, noirish location shots in Ventura (though none in L.A. that I could see), and the film appears as a film-within-a-film (on a drive-in screen) in Castle's 1962 Zotz!--which itself somehow seems to have been inspired by The Absent-Minded Professor of the year before and which offers us some interesting then-and-nows from its location shooting in and around Occidental College:

Columbia Pictures/Sony

Google Street View
1803 Campus Road, Eagle Rock. It's great that even the classic old L.A. black-and-white "pistol" street
signs are still there.

Columbia Pictures/Sony

Google Street View
A "Beaver" house just across Ridgeview Avenue from the one in the top shot.

Columbia Pictures/Sony
Tom Poston and Jim Backus at Oxy, view toward Belle Wilbur Thorne Hall.
Belle Wilbur Thorne Hall today.
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