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Jeff-- You can watch--sort of--The Brasher Doubloon on youtube (, but the print is so bad (maybe it was filmed off of tv) that it's really unwatchable, which these stills of the house, while still identifiable as the still-extant Rindge house at 2263 S. Harvard, show:

20th Century-Fox

20th Century-Fox
Montgomery-as-Marlowe desribes it as being "way out in Pasadena."

The Rindge House, closer to its 1903 construction date.

More information and contemporary pictures of the Rindge house are at http://bigorangelandmarks.blogspot.c...dge-house.html

Frederick Roehrig designed it. A quick look doesn't reveal if he might possibly have also done the similar-feeling Hershey house I think you're thinking of, but there is alot of interconnectedness in that Roehrig also designed the W. E. Ramsey house near the Rindge, on property sold to Mr. Ramsey by...Mira Hershey ( http://bigorangelandmarks.blogspot.c...lla-maria.html)

The house you must have in mind, which was at 4th and Grand on Bunker Hill:


The full story of the Hershey house (long gone by the time The Brasher Doubloon was made in 1947), is here:

It looks like there are some other good L.A. establishing shots in the movie, including these:

20th Century-Fox
Marlowe's Hollywood office

20th Century-Fox
In the movie George Montgomery, as Marlowe, describes Bunker Hill as a place "people live because they
haven't got any place else to live." I'll have to look for this building in the various Bunker Hill resources,
but can anyone identify it in the meantime?

Its entrance:
20th Century-Fox
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