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Ethereal, when I first saw your photos of the drive-in restaurants, it made a light bulb go on in my head-- particularly the Simon's Drive-ins, those photos reminded me of a structure in Alhambra. It made me wonder if it used to be a Simon's Drive-in; something about the blade sign. It probably wasn't a Simon's, but I wouldn't be surprised if the building dates from at least the 1930s:

Photo by me

The current business serves Cajun food. Cheesy I know but I played with the photo I took, made it black-and-white and tried to make the contrast higher; noir films seemed to always have a high contrast. I didn't do too great of a job...

This is how it really looks:

Photo by me

I also went out tonight and tried to take pictures of the Bendix tower lit up. It didn't come out so well, considering it was late and I didn't wanna stay too long outside of the car, the neighborhood being somewhat sketchy late at night. The building is in the Fashion District, BTW. And the sign looks like it says "Bendi."
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