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I recently learned that the Los Angeles Police Department
has 940,000 negatives stored in anonymous warehouses throughout the city.
A HUGE project is under way to digitalize ALL the photographs.

Below is a small sampling of the photographs.
Hopefully, the new project will scan the LAPD negatives MUCH larger.

knife. lapd

dual bullet holes. lapd

assault victim. lapd

assault victim 1951. lapd

body on floor, bullets in painting 1932. lapd

dead by bed 1931. lapd

bloody drag marks 1937. lapd

jewelry hold up 1932. lapd

John Doe in backyard 1930. lapd

mob hit 1933. lapd

observation test 1930s. lapd

los angeles river 1955. lapd

stick up. don't move. smile. lapd

tattoo nipple 1945. lapd

trench coat 1926. lapd

VooDoo room 1935. lapd

Thanks the falcon 1945. lapd

lady hanging 1951. lapd

These photos are from the following website.

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