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The old old Los Angeles County Courthouse

John Temple built the old old courthouse in 1859 to be Los Angeles City Hall, but Los Angeles County took it over in 1861 and
used it as its courthouse until 1891. This photo of that building, looking SW from Main St., probably was taken in the summer
of 1891. Market Street runs along the north side of the building:

2003-0480 @ CA State Library

This advertisement may seem unrelated, but it's not (I think the guy was Professor J. J. Romig, not Romiz):

August 2, 1891, Los Angeles Herald @ CDNC

Here is a close-up from the summer 1891 photo above. The poster in the red box is for the same Sunday August 2 Balloon
Ascension and Parachute Jump at Santa Monica from the LA Herald ad. To the left of the red box is a poster for a play
called "The Charity Ball." Below that poster a cannon guards the corner of the courthouse, and at left behind the end of the
courthouse awning is a one-story addition built onto the south or Court Street side of the building:

This photo looks east from Spring Street and was also taken in the summer of 1891, probably on the same day as the previous photo:

2003-0477 @ CA State Library

This close-up from the above photo provides a good look at the one-story addition to the old courthouse. A sign above
the addition says COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR. Behind the wagon at left are the two posters for the play and parachute
jump that we saw in the other summer 1891 photo:

Does anyone know when that addition was built onto the courthouse? I'd never noticed it before. We can see the addition
in this photo, which UCLA says was taken in 1885 but I think 1887 is more likely; behind the courthouse clocktower is the
U. S. Hotel, which was rebuilt in 1886-87 and looks to be in its final form here:

Islandora/UCLA/Seeing Sunset

In this close-up from the above photo, just to the right of center is a sign for Pacific Truck and Transfer, which is not in
that location (9 Market, in the SW corner of the Temple Block) until the 1887 LA City Directory:

Here's another shot with the addition on the south side of the courthouse. This photo may be c. 1886:

1989-0460 @ CA State Library

In this close-up from the previous image, we see the SW corner of the Temple Block. There's no sign for Pacific Truck
and Transfer, but an interesting wooden soldier between the two signs at left. And at right is that a water hose in front
of the courthouse?:

Here's a photo of the courthouse before the addition was built on the south side. We're looking NW with a bit of the
south end of the Temple Block at the right edge. LAPL says this photo was taken in 1869, but that's too soon; early-
to mid-1880s seems more likely to me:

00018454 @ LAPL

Just for fun, here's an earlier photo, dated 1880, from the same spot as the previous photo. Note the south end of the
Temple Block has no balustrade; does anyone know when the south end of the Temple Block was remodeled?:

Stereo-0387 @ CA State Library

Oh and the August 2, 1891, parachute jump in Santa Monica . . . it was sort of a dud:

August 3, 1891, Los Angeles Herald @ CDNC

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