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Hazard's Pavilion

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

I found this rarity on ebay the other day. The construction of the Los Angeles Santa Fe Depot.....also known as La Grande Station.

Have we seen this photo of the Le Grande Station under constructon since e_r posted it way back on page 166?

Here's another early L. A. landmark under construction . . . Hazard's Pavilion, on the NE corner of 5th and Olive, c. March 1887:

486837 at Huntington Digital Library

The Seaver Center has the same photo, GPF.4865, here.

This June 4, 1905, Los Angeles Times article on the demolition of Hazard's Pavilion included this photo, which appears to
show the building in about the same stage of construction as in the photo above:

ProQuest via LAPL

Here are two random photos of the exterior of Hazard's Pavilion:

SCWHR-P-002.2-2273R at Seaver Center

I believe this one is c. 1895-1902:

00015331 at LAPL

I don't believe we've seen this photo of the inside of Hazard's Pavilion when it was host to the 1891 State Citrus Fair.
The signs on the dispays in the foreground say HANDS OFF:

Islandora/UCLA (zoomable when the link is available, generally during business hours in California)

Here's an enlargement of the far end of the stage, with the new L. A. County Courthouse re-created in citrus:

Another view of the 1891 Citrus Fair:

00032025 at LAPL

I think this photo of the inside of Hazard's Pavilion taken on May 4, 1903, has been posted here before:

00015336 at LAPL

Hazard's Pavilion was torn down in 1905 and replaced by the Temple/Philharmonic/Clune's Auditorium. From that
same Sunday, June 4, 1905, Times article is this information on the demolition of Hazard's Pavilion:

ProQuest via LAPL
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