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OK, I just used all three of my search methods...and this video didn't show up

The 25th Man, 1962. (link directly below)

28 minute LAPD video:

Sadly, it's missing the sound so it drags a bit...but it's definitely worth a look.

Chief Parker appears in several scenes (a scant four years before his fatal heart attack)

like in this scene on the roof of the Parker Center.

That's him, right?

and the Parker Center itself.

A noirish view of one of the Arroyo Seco Parkway tunnels.

A new recruit.

s w o o n

A glimpse of the Italian Kitchen in the Commercial Exchange Building.

White gloved traffic cop and 'Cinderfella' showing at the RKO Hillstreet Theater. (Cinderfella was released in 1960) -so the date of the video (1962) might be a bit off.

Inspection in a 'sunken' parking lot.

A visit to school children

note the school-sized incinerator.

Lastly, I've been trying to figure out the strange structure in the distance that resembles a giant barber pole.


If we have already seen this video on NLA you can disregard all three of my search suggestions.

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