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More images of Wilshire from the unsorted LIFE magazine files and a surprise (or two).

Starting in Beverly Hills. Victor Hugo to the left, BWilshire to the right.

Skipping past Miracle Mile . . .

Before leaving the area, at roughly Highland and Wilshire once (until recently) stood the Four Star Theater also mentioned on NLA. It served to Premiere several well remembered Films. Here are some images when it was featuring H.G. Wells' 1936 - "Things To Come."

Not certain, but this could be the eastern side of the theater.

After the last show, day break?

Seeing double?

In this remarkable image, there are two Brown Derbys. Assumed the bowler was was reassembled. But this picture disproves that notion and the hat was resized - for more headroom..

Stay hydrated! Ambassador, next right!

(You saw two Brown Derbys. Remember to tell your friends.)

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