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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
They're on the corner of 7th & Broadway.

That truck driver is stealing a giant L.

Seventh, Broadway and more - May 1942 (Nine years after Wild Boys' release and two after the above shot ("The Man I Married" 1940).)

The following were part of a brief Life Magazine photo essay entitled "Streetcar Party" (May '42). IIRC, the original spread did not offer much commentary and clearly portrayed the good life amid bleak news abroad. Can't recall whether the original essay identified the human subjects, but offhand, there are a few shots of Richard Denning, who many may remember from his encounter with a creature from a Lagoon in 1954. I resisted posting these since there seems some disapproval of large posts. However, I submit most of these images should be viewed together. So, if you can't stomach them, please scroll on. If they have been seen before on NLA, send me to bed without supper. Incidentally, there are many more related images on the Life site, although there is no obvious order.

In random order.

May 1942, Life Magazine "Streetcar Party" (Woman of the Year first run release was Jan '42, so images were probably taken near that time.)

Hello Hotel Cecil!

Was the "Gilmore" sign ever located?

Interesting signage, among other things . . .

More signage and a "sowbelly" for WigWag.

All aboard! Third and Main

Ride em cowgirl.

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