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Here's a tourist snapshot that we haven't seen yet on NLA.

Looking northwest from the southeast corner of Hollywood & Vine.[1948]

The seller is asking $399.99 for this photograph.

Just for fun, here are a couple enlarged details.

There's the keyhole shaped doorway we all love so much.................................

The lovely blonde woman is dabbing her nose.....or smelling a carnation? Her friend appears to be quite a looker.

The man at extreme left is wearing a 'tank-top' advertising Ken Murray's Blackouts, which was showing just up the street at the Vine Street El Capitan Theater.

-and what's the day's headlines? "NEW BALKANS BLOC PROPOSED BY TITO"


I thought you wouldn't mind seeing this excellent photograph-postcard again.

Ken Murray's Blackouts of 1948 (the same year as the snapshot) at the El Capitan.

eBay /

More on Ken Murray's Blackouts here:


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