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Thanks a lot, Beaudry! I had things to do today, and instead I've spent hours looking at the fascinating photos of Leonard Nadel .

Does everyone remember these pictures from about a year ago?

Originally Posted by AlexandreL View Post

I am currently working on finding locations for Stanley Kubrick's 1956 movie The Killing.


Business #2 - Money To Loan pawn shop at 831???

The second picture is basically the camera looking right. I couldn't find anything about any "Herman's Cafe" in the L.A. area. There seems to be a theater to the right, but which one? Hard to tell.
It was actually Beaudry who quickly identified the location as the 800 block of W 3rd Street in post #21799, and the theater as the Lux. Leonard Nadel must've visited W 3rd at almost the same time as Stanley Kubrick. The Fig Leaf Cafe, the "Money to Loan" store and Herman's Cafe all look the same as the screengrabs. This shot also shows the Hotel Jonathan, the Lux Theater and the Pitch Inn.
It looks like direct links timeout. This is "Leonard Nadel photographs of Community Redevelopment Agency projects, 1948-1998" > "Bunker Hill Renewal Project, 1951-1956" > "Fremont Ave., Figueroa St., 1955 September 16" > "BH2-3 (negative 3)".
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