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Originally Posted by tovangar2 View Post
Beaudry made me buy it. I'll have it Saturday.
Guilty as charged! I admit I do my share of talking it up, but I'm unreasonably fond of it, having worked on the thing.

LAPD '53 has all sorts of shots of interest to the Noirisher. E.g., an interior shot (note the just-visible Buckley Mac-Gurrin murals) of the old Hall of Records, where the Board of Supervisors met, and where an irate homeowner punched a supervisor who then expired:

3610 S Flower (being moved for freeway construction):

2700 West Temple (a story told in LAPD '53 in Ellroy's inimitable style, also to be found here as recounted by the equally impressive Larry Harnisch):

(Interestingly, this ↑ was replaced by the 1966 LAPD Rampart Division Station.)

Groundbreaking on the Health Center & Police Administration Building:

The fabled Hildreth carriage house:

The DeVorss story is typically Los Angeles! Whose site would have you believe their patriarch "died suddenly in a dreadful accident"; Ellroy will tell you the actual sordid tale. 516 West 9th:

Straw hat, white gloves, a .38 revolver, and 211 P.C., at what's now 3540 MLK:

Here's the Admiral, some neighbors, and a fastback:

Looking at the Fifth St marquee of the Biltmore:

...and on and on it goes. A nice write-up in LA Magazine the other day gives the skinny on the ideas behind it, the production process, etc.
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