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Originally Posted by MartinTurnbull View Post
And I've often wondered, too, how people of the future might look at photos taken today. I'm sure they will look at photos from today and go, "Awww...look at those old cars back when people had to actually drive them themselves..."
Lol! Hmmm...

A bit of simulated time-traveling:

I know that the film Gangster Squad is not a favorite on this board for several reasons. I still am going to see it sometime, just because, but we know that scenes filmed at the Chinese Theatre were deleted and reshot in Chinatown, or whatever, because of the Colorado incident in a movie theater.

There's some footage online that was taken while the film was being shot which shows Hollywood Blvd. and the Chinese Theatre done up in period dress at Christmas time.

It says "deleted scenes" but the footage is not from the film, but someone shooting behind the scenes.

I think it is interesting and gives a little what it might have felt like in 1949, was it? Yes, Madame Tussaud's wasn't there and the red car we see come by is fitted with tires, but go with it...if one has a mind to. It's quite short.

It's indicated this was filmed in December of 2011. I surely would've gone there to see this if I had known about it. Surprised it wasn't on the news at all.
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