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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
LAPL date this picture as 1935, but it's obviously much earlier. On the left you can clearly see "622" and most of the word "MARKET" (I'm assuming it's the end of Broadway Palace Market). It's a shame the picture isn't a little wider.

HossC, thanks for finding the photos of pre-Schaber's 618-622 S. Broadway.

-so glad the old (1911) Orpheum building is still with us. (notice that one of the bronze sconces is missing in the B/W photo above)

interior: Orpheum (later Palace) Theater.


I've never seen side balconies arranged quite like that. It's almost like they were tacked on.

The beauty shop seems to be getting top billing in this 1945 photo.

note the Newsreels blade sign at right.

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