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Urbanas has been looking for a photo of the 200 block of Main Street depicting Tally's - the Lyric - or Glockner's Automatic Theater. (262 S. Main St.)

This is the first image that comes to mind. I've unsuccessfully tried to repost this as an enlargement with the detail it deserves. For others more adept with the 'SC conundrum, perhaps you can identify what is being advertised on the big neon toward the upper left side of the image? This might be helpful in locating additional neighborhood images and possibly something with the Tally's-Lyric-Glockner likeness.

Source indicates 1918, but I suspect it's earlier. (Hint: to the left and above the awning)

Tally-Tally-Tally (

"Tally's Edison Phonograph and Vitascope Parlour"

"Tally's on Spring Street, Summer 1896." (Presumably 311 S. Spring)

The Corbett Fight? Could have been the Corbett-Courney fight (1894) or the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight (1896). The latter is a story unto itself and includes names "Earp" and "Masterson." It is alleged to be the longest film of the time and possibly the first "feature" film having been released in 1897. This is significant, because it likely dates the image below to the same time frame - 1897. That date would likely fix the location of Tally's business at 311 S Spring Street. (Scholars claim Tally moved in 1900 to 338 Spring and eventually to 262 Spring in 1902. The image below, offers a wonderful glimpse into 20th century technology, begetting many off-the-wall observations and questions.

Viewing is on the left, listening appears to be on the right. The viewers are backed by shelving? Mirrored shelving? The listening area is adorned with framed landscapes. Assume the place was electrified, no cranks.

The listening area seems equipped with Edison "wax cylinder" phonographs. One might assume each phonograph had "discrete" ear phones. But what is going on with the framed pieces, canted above the "eagles?" Are they covers, reflectors, mirrors? The presence of speakers is not obvious, although I think one can discern the presence of ear phones on the first machine. Could these deliberately placed framed items be part of a primitive sound system?

What is the sign "X P_YS" (behind Fred Ott's head on the left) all about? A means of purchasing multiple plays, e.g., 1 cent per play or 6 plays for 5 cents?

Mammoth Projecting Kinetoscope. How many seats might fit behind that curtain? How often was the film projected, whenever there was an audience?

What's the device to the right of the image that vaguely looks like a cross between an undersized door and a Victorian soda dispenser? Is it a piece of furniture or possibly a a penny arcade game? (From the smaller image below the Corbett pic, it looks as thought there is a large megaphone attached.)

Who when and where were concessions added?

Tally was reportedly based in Waco Texas when he began buying Kinetoscopes from Edison.


An unidentified Kinetoscope Parlor - 1895 (Significance of Bicycle?? Human Dynamo = Generation of Electricity?)

Kinetoscope and Phonograph. (Think of the possibilities!)

Edison's projecting kinetoscope. Mammoth?


Jeffries-Sharkey (Jim Jeffries ->, etc.)

Tonight at Tally's Phonograph Parlor, 311 South Spring St, for the first time in Los Angeles, the great Corbett and Courthey prize fight will be reproduced upon a great screen through the medium of this great and marvelous invention. The men will be seen on the stage, life size, and every movement made by them in this great fight will be reproduced as seen in actual life.

326 S Spring Street

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