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gentlepuppies Jan 22, 2020 4:10 AM

Vancouver - Blade Runner Style
I just did a fan video lol


Flight to Vancouver
Video Link[/QUOTE]

None of these clips are original. I finally got around to watching the new Blade Runner the other day, and thought the vancouver/sea-to-sky corridor would be a perfect match for the soundtrack "flight to LAPD". Took several evenings to find HD clips of the kind of views I was looking for. Many of the original shots - vivid sunsets, gorgeous colours, looked even better unedited, just that I was going for a noir atmosphere. Original clips in the links below

The shot I really wanted but couldn't find was one panning across sunlit towers like Callisto, Flatiron, Palladio and West Pender Place against the dark brooding backdrop of an overcast Burrard Inlet and north shore mountains, but couldn't find any and was so close to buying a drone to shoot it myself (illegally :haha:) but that was gonna take too much time and I want to get this out of the way before an upcoming vacation lol

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