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thurmas Sep 8, 2019 7:14 PM

Who are you voting for in the 2019 federal election
With the federal election now just around the corner who do you plan to vote for this time around?

flar Sep 8, 2019 9:03 PM

Not sure yet. If anyone has a chance to beat the Conservatives in my riding (not likely in Chatham-Kent-Leamington), then I will vote for that party.

EpicPonyTime Sep 8, 2019 10:29 PM

I'll be voting Liberal. The other parties have not done anything to inspire me, and for all the definite issues with Trudeau's government so far, there are many aspects of it that I approve of. I am completely unimpressed with Scheer and Singh as leaders.

Metro-One Sep 8, 2019 10:47 PM

Echo above.

WarrenC12 Sep 8, 2019 10:59 PM

Same unless something dramatic happens on the campaign.

kool maudit Sep 8, 2019 11:05 PM

Unfortunately, Canadians are disenfranchised after five years abroad.

Nouvellecosse Sep 8, 2019 11:26 PM

All i know so far is that it won't be the Liberals or Conservatives. I'm not crazy about the Conservative's approach to climate change and I'm still not fully recovered from the Harper years, and with the Liberals they lost any chance with me with their betrayal on electoral reform. I was done. Checked out. Moved on.

240glt Sep 8, 2019 11:40 PM

Edmonton Strathcona is a riding in Alberta that has a chance of not going to the conservatives s so I’ll be voting for whoever has the best chance against the Conservative candidate. Linda Duncan held the seat for the NDP for quite some time, so this will be one of the few Alberta ridings to watch

rousseau Sep 9, 2019 12:12 AM

The Liberals are good enough and they're the only viable alternative to the Conservatives.

FrAnKs Sep 9, 2019 12:24 AM

Was going to vote Conservative, until I saw how weak is Andrew Scheer as a leader. He also leaves me indifferent and doesn't give me one single reason to vote for his party. He also criticize Trudeau and propose nothing. I'll give Trudeau another chance.

My 5000th post since 2005! :P

DLLB Sep 9, 2019 12:38 AM

Not Trudeau for many reason and this is one of them

Dr Awesomesauce Sep 9, 2019 12:50 AM

There should be a 'not voting' option and/or 'undecided'.

vid Sep 9, 2019 1:03 AM

I'm going to rank my ballot, as Justin Trudeau circa 2015 promised I would be able to. (There is precedent in Newfoundland that doing so can show clear preference and be counted as valid in the event of a recount, if that particular ballot became a deciding factor; I will be ranking NDP first this time around.)

VANRIDERFAN Sep 9, 2019 1:18 AM

Undecided except for no vote for the Liberals.
The current government's PMO is a throwback to the Family Compact/Chateau Clique in my mind. Butts/Telford/Trudeau are without honour or integrity.

The PMO has grown stronger and more autocratic with each successive government since the 1960's and its power needs to be checked for the good of the country and the reputation of our Parliament. Sadly I see no move from any other party to make moves to return power and responsibilities to our Members of Parliament.

The backbenchers have the power if they worked together (across party lines) to wrest control from the PMO. But I'm not holding my breath that this will ever happen.

Zeej Sep 9, 2019 2:19 AM

Probably Liberal.

Sincere question: no poll option for the Bloc, given that the PPC is an option?

I understand they only run candidates in one province, but there's a legitimate chance they'll outperform the Greens and quite possibly (probably?) the NDP in the upcoming election.

MonctonRad Sep 9, 2019 2:33 AM


A fair point.

rbt Sep 9, 2019 2:42 AM

I disliked Scheer so much that I joined the Conservative Party during the leadership race; so not them.

Probably Liberal.

Nouvellecosse Sep 9, 2019 2:51 AM

What's so terrible about Scheer?

kwoldtimer Sep 9, 2019 2:56 AM


Originally Posted by Nouvellecosse (Post 8681467)
What's so terrible about Scheer?

Don't be a downer. The question is not what's so terrible, it's what's to like?

Echoes Sep 9, 2019 3:01 AM

Voting for the NDP incumbent in my riding to keep the Conservative candidate out. Would vote Liberal if their candidate had a real chance.

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