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Chuckaluck Nov 24, 2013 3:41 AM

Four out of five pigeons prefer Purser!

1965 - Purser Apartments 1126 S. Grand. (Formerly Purser Hotel?)

Chuckaluck Nov 24, 2013 3:52 AM

Western Ave Filing Stations

1931 - Maplewood and Western Ave

Johnston and Corson's Texaco.

1935 - 6820 S. Western Ave.

Anyone have any info on this building 500 N. Western Ave? Said to have once been a Czech social hall, before becoming a Buddhist Temple, but did it start out as such?

Chuckaluck Nov 24, 2013 4:07 AM

A room big enough for the biggest cheese?

1932 Lamella 4471 West Adams

Chuckaluck Nov 24, 2013 4:22 AM

1932 - Cragar Corp., 940 N. Orange Drive (Could this beautiful building be the precursor of certain spoked wheels?)


George Riley and Crane Gartz (CRAGAR). Crane had purchased the patterns and tooling for the Cragar head from the Miller-Schofield Co. Late in 1932 the Cragar Corporation, Ltd. failed after making a good name for itself in racing. The name might have been lost except for George Wight who made Crane an offer for the patterns and inventory.

Chuckaluck Nov 24, 2013 4:36 AM

Get your oil checked at Ragsdale and Hansen

1935 (?) 7329 S. Alameda Interesting fence. Curious if it demarcates the station or if it was part of the property behind R & H's.

See ER's post of better image here:

BifRayRock Nov 24, 2013 5:17 AM

Sherman Oaks Service Station. Blu-Green Gas.
(Does large trumpet above roof have a function? Could it be an open invitation for aerial refueling? Is building next door supposed to resemble an oiler, or coincidence?)

1930s - 15362 Ventura Boulevard

BifRayRock Nov 24, 2013 5:33 AM

Dodge Bros. Showroom (Date and Location Unk, but believe LA)

After being informed that many previous posts from USC site have evaporated. . . . . . :brickwall:


1931 - Intersection of Venice Blvd and Normandie Ave.

Boots or Toots?

BifRayRock Nov 24, 2013 6:11 AM

1932 - West Acacia Avenue and San Fernando Road, Glendale

Fascinating facade. (See below, it's a sign store.)

Please chew quietly!

After beans and chips, not too far for Bromo Seltzer!

Makes perfect sense, er . . . cents?

BifRayRock Nov 24, 2013 7:17 AM


Originally Posted by ethereal_reality (Post 4431917)
Below is a great noir photo.
Looking north on Vine toward Sunset and Vine.
Notice NBC Radio City Studios on the right.
usc digital archives

below: NBC Radio City in daylight.

Vine and Sunset, makes me think of Vine and Hollywood with intermediate lighting??? :koko:

Hollywood and Vine (undated)

A visit to Western Auto's Saving Sam, followed by Chop Suey at the Chinese Garden!

(Reminiscent of Sears at Santa Monica and Western?? :uhh: :no: )

H.L.P Nov 24, 2013 7:40 AM

hello once again,
Today, a victorian house on the corner of N. Ave 63 and Garvanza Ave., in Highland Park, was opened for viewing after a few years of massive renovation. I remember back in the early 90's as a kid, seeing the house covered in overgrown trees and it was just a mess, but i knew something beautiful was underneath all the overgrowth, so here are a few pictures of the house as of today.
All photos by me

BifRayRock Nov 24, 2013 7:42 AM

California Motor Service, Inc.

1924 - 4982 Hollywood Blvd


BifRayRock Nov 24, 2013 7:45 AM


Originally Posted by Chuckaluck (Post 6350966)
Anyone have any info on this building 500 N. Western Ave? Said to have once been a Czech social hall, before becoming a Buddhist Temple, but did it start out as such?

Reminds me of station on Wilshire ;)


Originally Posted by ethereal_reality (Post 4956033)
This CALPET station tops them all with genie attendants. (1922)

Colonel Mustard Nov 24, 2013 11:40 AM

Hello, everyone!

Longtime lurker, first time poster here...I've spent about the last nine months reading through every post on this forum, averaging about four pages a day, and I have to say I am amazed by the breadth of knowledge you all have! I lived in L.A. for 9 years, and the ongoing discussion here has been tremendous in terms of both education and nostalgia for me.

Here and there, you guys have touched on the neighborhoods I called home - sometimes startlingly close, in fact. I lived in two different apartments in WeHo, the first of which essentially backed right up to the Normandy Towers on Poinsettia/Hampton -- detailed in this postby ethereal_reality, as well as elsewhere -- and the second of which appeared in a Times article posted by GaylordWilshire here. (Imagine my surprise to discover that Hamilton Burger was once arrested for "lewd behavior" in my building. Noirish indeed!)

Anyway, I was hoping I could direct the amazing NLA hive mind towards a building I've been curious about. Back in 2006 or 2007, I was working as a freelancer in the art deco Shane Building -- aka the Shane & Regar Store Building -- at 6650 Hollywood Blvd.

Evidently, it was built in 1929 and designed by Norton & Wallis, but I know next to nothing else about its history, and have been unsuccessful in finding any decent pictures of it that date back to L.A.'s good old noirish past. Since you all are the incontrovertible experts at this, and doubtless know of far better resources to search than I, I was hoping someone here might be willing/able to give it a go!

Thanks, all -- and please keep up the excellent work!

Also, I sincerely hope I did not screw up any of the tags here.

HossC Nov 24, 2013 2:19 PM


Welcome to NLA, Colonel Mustard. The Shane Building appears in this movie scene first posted by FredH back in post #6089. It's dated 1969.
FredH/Los Angeles Times

I found this undated picture of the Shane Building when it evidently housed a store called Hirshfield's.

The rest of the images I've found so far don't show much detail, but do show the building in its environment. Here are a couple of screengrabs from a 1940s aerial film on I'm sure I originally found the link through NLA, but I can't find the relevant post to give credit where it's due. NB. the footage is mirrored left to right - Alison Martino has now posted a corrected version on YouTube, although the original version at is higher resolution. The movie includes Hollywood Boulevard and some of the movie studios from the air.

Finally, you can just see the Shane Building below the glowing circle on the left of this 1936 photo.
USC Digital Library

BifRayRock Nov 24, 2013 2:55 PM

Waggoner's One Stop Service Stations. 7 locations listed in the '42 CD.

3065 W. 8th Street
5901 W. Olympic Blvd
543 N. Fairfax Ave
4217 W 3rd St.
7150 W. Melrose Ave
959 N Western Ave
4625 S. Figueroa

Location? vvvv ("Road Action Lubrication" "Safety First." "Cost So Little .")


GaylordWilshire Nov 24, 2013 3:05 PM


Originally Posted by BifRayRock (Post 6351029)

Dodge Bros. Showroom (Date and Location Unk, but believe LA)

full view here

Somewhere on the thread I thought we had paired the showroom pic at top with the pics above, but I couldn't find it. But I believe the interior shot shows the southwest corner of the Dodge dealer—now Honda—on the northeast corner of Figueroa and Venice. Note the square openings in the upper sections of the showroom windows and the interior valances also seen from the outside. The building was opened in 1920...
LAT Aug 10, 1919/Feb 15, 1920

Apparently the Albertsons' new showroom was one of the earlier buildings on the new Figueroa auto row, to which dealers were shifting from Flower and Main streets. The view out through the windows suggests more of a residential area than the business district that rapidly developed in the '20s.

Also thought we had also investigated the Durant/Flint dealer at some point—turns out we have, but the pictures are missing: (

Here is another set to show that the Toyota facility at 1600 S Figueroa contains the original. Wouldn't it be great if the original façade was still intact under the junk and Toyota decided to uncover it?

It started with this post of ER's:

GaylordWilshire Nov 24, 2013 3:20 PM


Originally Posted by 3940dxer (Post 5511477)
I first saw this image a few weeks ago in the window of a dry cleaners in the Magnolia Park section of Burbank, then found it on the web.
Mike Laroque

It's interesting to me for a number of reasons...

Most starling are the "proposed tunnels" to Hollywood. Not only could you duck under the Hills as a handy short cut to Hollywood, but you could come into town on Bronson, Western, or Vermont. (There are a number of fire and access roads on the Hollywood side, but only one on the Burbank side. it starts near Travel Town in Griffith Park and is closed to motor vehicles about a mile up.)

Having hiked the "straight over the hill" route, I can tell you that it's very steep and would would be a difficult route to Hollywood, with or without the mega-tunnels!

It's notable is that the tunnel route is an extension of Whitnall "Super" Highway. I had always wondered about this odd diaginal street, which is very broad, little used, and is basically a route for high voltage electric towers, with some park space below. (I had never seen the term "Super" used with it before.)

The western section of Hollywood way that intersects with Cahuenga is now called Barham of course, not Hollywood Way. I'd always wondered How Hollywood Way got it's name, since it dead ends at Olive, and does not go to Hollywood. I guess it did, before the Western section was named Barham.

Barham crosses the L.A. River (barely visible in the image) and then veers to the right at what is now Warner Brothers. However, Olive does not turn north, near Riverside, the alignment is much different.

I didn't know that Mack Sennett studio was off Magnolia, and not sure what "propsed Sterling Studios" was. Maybe this is what's now The Warner Brothers "Ranch" lot west of Hollywood Way?

The Burbank airport is about where "Proposed Victory Studios" is shown. But Hollywood Way actually bends northwest, about 2 blocks past Magnolia.

By the way, my little house in Burbank, built in the late 20's, is almost at the exact center of this map -- it's in the middle of the little triangular section, to the right of the word "Super".

I have no idea why it was called the "white spot".

Found this interesting KCET story on the Whitnall Highway touched on here before:

BifRayRock Nov 24, 2013 3:36 PM

Thanks. Between a memory of evaporating images and poor search skills . . . . . I was pretty sure the photo was discussed before but couldn't locate it. Palm fronds can be misleading. Interesting showroom windows. Are they outlined with some sort of decals or painted appliqué? Portals within the plate glass create an interesting effect; but I am guessing they were intended to provide some ventilation. Guessing also that the parked car was not filled with oil, or it hadn't been parked in the showroom long due to the spotlessness of the floor. ;)

Looking at the full image reveals many other structures discussed here, notably Rickenbacker and Buick.


Earl Boebert Nov 24, 2013 3:42 PM


Originally Posted by Chuckaluck (Post 6350957)
Four out of five pigeons prefer Purser!

1965 - Purser Apartments 1126 S. Grand. (Formerly Purser Hotel?)

Wouldn't be surprised if that Plymouth had a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. And the cigarette lighter needed fixing :-)



BifRayRock Nov 24, 2013 3:52 PM

Is your old Victorian dusty? Does it resemble a crime scene and smell like a Hupmobile showroom?

Try compressed air house cleaning!

(Undated, location unk.)

Franchise opportunities?

(Ad does not necessarily express the views of station management.)

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