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Aleks Jul 23, 2009 7:04 PM

Vintage Seattle
Okay, so I was surfing the web. There I went with my surf board just minding my own business when this website popped out of the water and it caught my attention!

The website is called Vintage Seattle and it has offered me some of the most interesting pictures that I have ever seen of Seattle. Seriously, this website makes me feel like I've traveled back in time. And you know what? Some of these pictures aren't half bad. Some of these pictures show what I'd love to see today! I won't post all the pictures today but I'll frequently.

1970's Post Cards


ue Jul 23, 2009 8:31 PM

Wow. Seattle looks like it had amazing urban fabric back then.

Dylan Leblanc Jul 23, 2009 10:34 PM

totally cool thanks for posting!

Aleks Jul 24, 2009 6:25 PM

Harboview Hospital 1931


Aleks Aug 2, 2009 3:36 AM

1967-Freeway Dedication


KevinFromTexas Apr 19, 2020 9:15 PM

KevinFromTexas Apr 29, 2020 5:40 AM

mhays Apr 29, 2020 5:49 AM

Awesome. First new post:
--The Box the Space Needle Came In going up, viewed from Market, taken in 1968 or so (building completed 1969).
--The SR99 tunnel we just filled in.
--Monorail obviously.
--The SR99 viaduct we just tore down, around 1958 (Norton Building completed in 1958).

The last picture was probably 1962 before our last World's Fair. Do I spy historic streamlined ferry Kalakala in the background?

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