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Dec 6, 2007 until Jan 6, 2037
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"My City Photos" Thread Posting Guidelines

It is a pre-requisite that any thread created here must contain urban related photos that were taken by the thread starter.

City Photos threads that are created that contain photos taken by other people belong in the Found City Photos forum where the proper credit must be given whether it be from outsiders or other forumers, and including people you personally know.

Photo threads that request for other forumers to post their photos about a particular urban related subject would also go in the Found City Photos forum since this forum is dedicated to only one person's photos for each thread from the original poster.

Also photo threads that don't have an urban theme should be posted in General Photography, even if those photos were taken by the thread starter.


It is also mandatory that the thread starter to specifically establish that the photos posted in their threads are their own, otherwise they will be questioned on it.
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